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Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4


Welcome to Legal Public School! We opened in the fall of 2022 with three classrooms, offering exceptional programming for students. Our focus is on creating confident learners who feel safe, comfortable, and happy at our school. Our teachers are committed to meeting students where they are at and facilitating engaging and meaningful learning experiences. We foster a sense of community among our learners and promote leadership and growth through grade-level activities. Located in Legal, Alberta, our school provides accessible and high-quality education to the local community, reducing transportation times for families in Sturgeon County. Ms. Kessia Brenneis serves as our Principal, and Mrs. Erika McKinstry serves as Vice Principal. Join us at Legal Public School and become a part of our community of learners!


Ward 2


Kessia Brenneis

Vice Principal: Andrea Ameobi


Cindy Briggs


Cheryl Huot

Education Plan

See our 2022-2023 Education Plan here.


School Code of Conduct and Handbook

Legal Public School opened the fall of 2022 with 3 classrooms - a Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten split, a grade 1/2 split and a 3/4 split.

We offer exceptional programming for students, focussing on creating confident learners. Ensuring the comfortability and happiness of our students, feeling a sense of safety and belonging in our building is the main priority for our staff and school. We foster student’s growth in attitudes and behaviors around learning, friendship, acceptance, and positivity.

This stems from teachers being committed to meeting students where they are at and facilitating learning that is engaging and meaningful.  We engage students as a community of learners, extending learning activities across grade levels to foster leadership and growth.  

The school is located at 5109 46 St. in Legal, Alberta. Ms. Kessia Brenneis is currently the Principal of Bon Accord Community School (BACS) and serves as Principal of both schools. Mrs. Erika McKinstry serves as the Vice Principal. 

Opening a Public School within Legal is a wonderful opportunity for families in and around the town to access Public Education within their own community. It ensures local connections and community spirit while reducing transportation times for those just outside the town but within Sturgeon County.

See our 2022-2023 Education Plan here.